High Quality Detergents from DeLaval Now Available at AgroService Store

Milk consumers always want to have quality, safe and healthy product that has no dangerous additives and unpleasant smell. Milk processors on their hand expect raw milk to comply with regulation standards, while farmers always seek efficient ways to secure farm profitability.

High quality milk is the one that will meet all the above requirement.

Thorough treatment of milking and milk storage equipment after every milking is critical factor of sustaining quality of production at high levels. CARD AgroService and DeLaval offer you a range of cleaning and hygiene products to help you with achieving highest level of quality milk production.

From now on, two detergents are available in our store: Basix which is a Phosphate-free chlorinated liquid alkaline detergent for cleaning and disinfection of milking equipment and cooling tanks, and Cid, a liquid, acid detergent for the de-scaling of milking equipment. Both products are  especially formulated for a use in an alternate cleaning routine.