Leaping Ahead Event Organized by the John Deere International, Germany, 2013

The leader in the world on agriculture machinery the John Deere International GmbH invited its distributors and partners around the globe to Berlin for the demonstration of the newest developments the company now has in its portfolio- 6B series tractors with 90, 110 and 130 hp.

Representatives from the CARD AgroService CJSC, which is the official distributor of the JD International in Armenia, Gagik Sardaryan and Artak Khachatryan also attended the event.

6B series tractors are simple in design and easy for use but quite reliable which only John Deere quality can guaranty.  Production of 6B series tractors will start in April-May, 2014, and will be specially designed for CIS countries to compete with the tractors of the same class.

John Deere started its operation about 175 years ago by inventing a self-cleaning plough. In the show at Berlin, the John Deere presented that the Company is back in plough production business with new, state-of-the-art plough which, along with other equipment, would be a nice package for farmers.

Some of our farmers, who already work with John Deere machines, can move on to the upper level and benefit from new and modern tractors of 8M series. These tractors are the most advanced ones and can do many tasks the large scale farmers in Armenia may require.

All machines presented in the show were more efficient than the competitors have and will positively add to farm productivity and profitability.

John Deere is famous not only in production of agriculture machinery but also is the world leader in drip irrigation technologies which are important for the areas with hot climate and scarce water resources. By introducing John Deere irrigation technologies, farmers can double corn production from the drip irrigated lands.