The First Leasing for “John Deere” Tractor was Provided in Armenia

09 Nov 2015

On May 22nd, 2015 the “Masis” branch of “CARD AgroCredit” UCO CSJC for the first time in Armenia provided a leasing service for a “John Deere” tractor in the village Hovtashat, Ararat region. The tractor was imported by “CARD AgroService” CJSC which is the official representative of “John Deere” company in Armenia.

The leasee, who lives in Hovtashat village and is engaged in farming, mentioned that in their village there was always a need for advanced machinery. He also added that before applying to “CARD AgroCredit” UCO he analyzed other offers in the market, but gave the preference to the “John Deere” tractor taking into account its quality advantages and the favorable conditions of leasing provision. The leasee mentioned that the tractor will serve the whole village for faster and more efficient implementation of everyday agricultural practices.   Along with soil cultivation the leasee is also engaged in animal husbandry. As he assured, the cooperation with “CARD AgroCredit” UCO will be continual also in this sphere.

“CARD AgroCredit” UCO highly appreciates the cooperation with farmers. Facilitating the farmers’ daily farm practices through the provision of advanced techniques greatly contributes to the development of agriculture and quality enhancement of agricultural products in our country. Our company hopes that this wonderful event will serve as a good base for the ongoing process of similar practices.