Seminars for the Farmers in Poqr Vedi and Azatan Communities

09 Nov 2016

Within the frames of the ADA «Animal Health Management» project, CARD Foundation hosted WWS company representatives, former marketing area director Mr. Tony Evangelo and his substitute Mr. Preston Fernandes.

Almost ten years of cooperation between CARD and WWS resulted in the increase of the number of genetically improved livestock with а higher productivity in lots of Armenian farms. Farm Service Centers, functioning in different marzes of Armenia, apply the WWS genetics for the purpose of cattle breeding. The visit of the WWS company representatives aimed at the review of the situation in FSCs from the Artificial Insemination (AI) perspective. They also wanted to define the criteria for the assessment of the Animal improvement system at the national level for the purpose of the registration of genetically improved farms and establishment of a Farmers Association. A number of discussions were organized with the FSC representatives, Animal Breeding and Veterinary department of the Ministry of Agriculture, students and faculty of the Veterinary department of the ANAU. Very important were also the visits to the farms with F4 generation animals (fourth generation, received from the improvement of the local animals), with a productivity of around 4,500-5000 litres.

During the meetings with the CARD staff WWS company representatives discussed the frames of cooperation with the FSCs and the share and role of AI in their strategy. We are sure that the established strong cooperation between the two companies will continue to expand in the future.