Indian AgMachinery demonstration

09 Nov 2016

In February, 2016 the Armenian delegation, headed by the RA Minister of Agriculture Mr. Sergo Karapetyan paid an official visit to India, during which the delegation members had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with agricultural machinery suppliers. CARD director Mr. Gagik Sardaryan was one of the delegation members and he had a chance to meet the representatives of Shaktiman, Field King and some other companies. As a result of discussions following the visit CARD Foundation decided to cooperate with Shaktiman and Field King. The company has already imported high-quality tractor couplers (rotary tillers, power harrows, hay rakes, balers, fertilizer broadcasters).

On September 16 Card AgroService CJSC organized a demonstration of the Shaktiman equipment in the field․The farmers had an opportunity to see how the machine performs, how it can be beneficial for the farms, how it should be used. Attending the demo was the Export Manager of Shaktiman company, Mr. Tushar Kawale.  “Shaktiman is the biggest company in the world for soil processing equipment, Rotary tillers, by selling 75000 machines every year. The biggest advantage of Shaktiman machines is a good quality and the affordable price. The spare parts are very economical. The company supplies to 70 countries, people are happy, it’s a good business”, Mr. Tushar noted.

When showing one of the machines, Mr. Tushar mentioned. “The machine is mulching grass, all the residuals, branches and makes a manure, so there is no need to burn them. When burning the residuals, the soil becomes damaged, and pollution happens. So the machine is beneficial both for the farm and for the environment. Thus by using the machine you are helping your farm, you are helping the environment.”

Farmers were impressed by the demonstration, they raised a lot of questions and discussed the potential for future cooperation.