Seminars for the Farmers in Poqr Vedi and Azatan Communities

On February 12 and 17, 2016, the “Greenhouse and Horticulture Development” Department of CARD Agro Service CJSC hosted seminar-trainings in the Farm Service Centers (FSC) of Poqr Vedi and Azatan communities.  The seminars were attended by 15 Russian farmers from Krasnodar district, as well as representatives and specialists from French “Maisadour” company, which is specialized in the production of sunflower and corn seeds.

The seminars aimed at presenting the farmers of Poqr Vedi and Azatan communities the technology of corn cultivation for livestock farming, as well as implementing the right choice for cultivated hybrids and sorts regarding climate conditions.

The enterprise of such seminars is unprecedented in the development of horticulture sector, as it is the first time that along with the representatives from collaborating organizations active farmers visit Armenia and CARD for experience exchange with their Armenian partners.

At the beginning of the seminar Anna Karapetyan, the head of “Greenhouse and Horticulture Development” Department, came out with an opening speech. She briefly presented the history and the activity areas of CARD Organization.

The executive director of “Maisadour”, Mr. Mark Lefort mentioned in his speech: “Our organization was established in 1936 in France as a collective group of entrepreneurs. Today, it is considered the leading organization in Europe that produces sunflower and corn seeds. Over 70 years, we are providing superb seeds and supplying high-quality horticulture services to our customers. We are dealing with the selection, both at the level of genetics or horticulture, which means that our activities are being extended in the laboratories, as well as in the open fields.”  During the seminar the commercial director of “Maisadour” company Mr. Vladimir Cherenkov, the agronomist-consultant Mr. Maqsim Tatarincev and other farmers also came out with speeches.

During the seminar, the farmers were informed about the corn diseases and parasites, as well as about the appropriate means to struggle against them in a timely and proper manner.

The ways and periods for necessary fertilization during the corn vegetation period were also taught, at the same time presenting the consequences generating from the deficiency or the surpluses of micro and macro elements.

The seminar was concluded with the topic on corn protection and harvest, which aimed at teaching the farmers to implement the corn harvest in the appropriate way and on time. This practice will enable the farmers to avoid crop loss, there will also be more favorable humidity conditions and the maximum content of nutrients during the silage.

The organization of similar trainings will be ongoing. It is planned to host seminars in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) and other communities as well, which will be conducted by specialists both from CARD Agro Service CJSC and “Maisadour” company.